Top places to visit in Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is well known not only because it’s amazing from where you look at it but also because it is the highest navigable lake in the world. It´is located southeast of Peru and west of Bolivia.

The landscape is beautiful because of the immensity of the lake is surrounded by lush vegetation, within which the reed stands out. Along the lake, you can see various islands, each with something different that makes it stand out.

This lake was a sacred place for the Inca. The legend says that Viracocha, the Inca god of creation, emerged from the depth of Lake Titicaca and then created the sun, the moon, and mankind. This was the birth of the Inca Empire and its great expansion along the Andes.

How to get to Lake Titicaca?

First, you need to determinate if you want to see the Lake from the Peruvian side or the Bolivian side.If you decide to see them from Peru, the city you must go to is Puno and if, on the contrary, you decide to see them from Bolivia, the city you must go is Copacabana.

The buses arrive at all hours to Puno from Lima, Cusco, and even from La Paz Bolivia. If you decide to go by train, we recommend that you go to the city of Cusco and there you can book your train ticket along with the train ticket to Machu Picchu.

If you prefer to go by plane, the nearest airport is in the city of Juliaca, only 44km from Puno. Flights leave daily twice a day from there. Remember that from the Bolivian side there is no airport close to the border and flights from Bolivia must connect through Lima, Peru (they generally take 5 hours from La Paz).

Once there you can take a tour that will take you along the lake and the islands. Do not forget that you can book a tour in advance or also make sure when you arrive. On the tour, you will be able to explore the beautiful lake and visit the famous islands that inhabit there.

What to see in Lake Titicaca?

On the Peruvian Side:

uros floating islands

The floating Islands of Uros

This floating island located 30 minutes away from the shore of Lake Titicaca is considered one of the top attractions of Lake Titicaca. There are tours departing all day and that will take you to this interesting island man-made from totora, a plant that grows under the cold water. In Uros, you will find houses, schools, and churches built with these famous reeds.

The Uros are considered one of the most ancient civilizations from the Andes, they are even more ancient than the Incas. One of the most famous tours in Titicaca is to do the homestay, which consists of staying with a local family and experiencing their life there. You will get to see how they live, eat with them and enjoy a very pleasant experience and very close with the culture of this place.

Taquile Island

Taquile island lies on the Peruvian side of the Titicaca Lake. It’s a popular destination for experienced-based tourism.

This means you can stay in the houses of the locals and see how they live their daily routine.The people from the village will give you a warm welcome into their homes and will show you their traditions and their way of living. It’s a very special experience that you won’t forget!.

Another of the main attractions of the island is the upper part of the town, to get there you have to step up the 567 step stairs, once up you will get to watch a magical landscape.

Taquile is approximately 3 hours away from the island of Uros by boat. and its main economic activities are tourism, agriculture, handicrafts, and textile work. This last one is very famous around the world.

Amantani Islands

This beautiful island is 4 hours away from Puno by boat. Stands out for its beautiful fields and lush vegetation. Because of the romantic scenery it’s also known as the “Love Island”.

Amantani is probably the most authentic island of Lake Titicaca because it hasn’t been so exploited on a touristic level.

The town doesn’t even have electricity. In this way, the cultural exchange that you will experience with the locals is more authentic.

Just like Taquile, there are no hotels or lodges on this island so you can stay in the houses of the people who live there. This will allow you to share and learn about them and see how they preserve their cultural inheritage that remains over the years from their ancestors.

Suasi Island

If you are looking for a place to disconnect and relax while you enjoy the incredible views of the lake then you can´t miss this privately owned island located just 4 hours away from Puno.

At the hotel that lies on the island you will enjoy a spa day or simply take a glass of wine while you watch the sunset. Also, they offer tours in a kayak to go to the Taquile and Uros islands from there.

Visit the Sillustani Ruins:

These pre-inca ruins are located 32 kilometers to the northeast of Puno, on the peninsula of the laguna Umayo. In this archeological complex you will find 28 impressive tombs, belonging to the Colla culture. This culture was developed in the town of Hatuncolla, on the northern part of the lagoon.

These cylindrical tombs known as chulpas were status symbols for the elite and their relatives. It is believed that they were filled with crafts, jewelry, food and other possessions of the deceased person.

On the Bolivian Side

Visit Isla del Sol:

isla del sol trek

The Isla del Sol is the largest in Titicaca, you can get there by boat from Copacabana in a trip that lasts 2 hours.

The legend says that the Inca Manco Capac started his journey that eventually will take him to Cusco to found the Inca empire. The island of the Sun is divided into two: the southern, home of the Yumani community, and the northern part, home of the Challapampa community. It’s recommended to spend one night on this island because there are many ruins you can visit there (there are more than 80 ruins within the island).

Lake Titicaca is an amazing place and it’s worth visiting at least once in the lifetime. The islands along the lake make it a very interesting destination where you will meet the nice people who live there and enjoy the extraordinary view of this magnificent place.